Irrigation & Drainage

Sri Rama nursery is well equipped with services of lawn and garden irrigation and drainage systems. We will evaluate your site and recommend and install effective automatic watering and irrigation systems for your garden and provide garden drainage solutions for problem areas. We offer functional services critical to maintaining an attractive lawn. Irrigation and installation packages ensure a tailored watering plan to keep your lawn healthy all year round.

Poor drainage can result in the pooling of excess run-off, resulting in unsightly mud patches or bare spots. It is a common factor in the establishment of many lawn diseases. Our team can offer drainage solutions for problem areas, depending on the situation we can install subsurface drainage or catch-pit surface drainage. From planning to installation we will keep you informed at every stage.

Nurseries in Kadiyapulanka

Our team can develop and design you the perfect irrigation system, specifically for your landscaping requirements.  Use of rain sensors and pumps to your irrigation system enables you to manage your watering requirements and cut down on cost. Our fully licensed technicians can help you install and manage an efficient irrigation system. Our team work with commercial and residential clients to develop a custom irrigation program tailored to the unique needs and budget of their business. Drainage design is site specific and dependent on underlying soils. Our services range from concept design and installation, to sprinkler care and lawn maintenance, including repairs, system upgrades.

Our crew specialize in a specific area of the business to ensure satisfying results. Let our experts lead you through your irrigation needs from start to finish. We have cared for businesses and residences, large and small, for more than twenty five years. During this time we’ve developed a strong, reliable client base that we’re proud of. We would like to help you too. Our lawn irrigation and drainage  systems will be completed quickly and efficiently. If you’re after healthier and thicker lawn, using controlled distribution of water, Contact us today.