Stone & Hardscaping

Sri Rama nursery is here if you would like to make a strong design statement in your garden and surroundings. We specialize in all forms of stone and hardscaping services. If you are looking for something different, unique in colour and texture, resilient and will even look better over time after being exposed to the elements, then stone is your best option. We can use hardscape stones in various design ideas such as Pillars, Paving, Steps, Feature walls or even a cascading water feature for your Pool or Spa.

Hardscape stones are well recognized, and popular in the architectural space of things. There is a wide range of stone available with us and there is something to suit most needs. With a variety of methods, we can transform your property with stone features to make your property stand out from the rest and leave a lasting impression. Not only is Stone natural and long lasting, the options are endless and will stand the test of time.  Looking for ways to enhance your outdoor living? No problem! We can do that too.

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Choosing the right landscaping can bring your garden or outdoor space alive. From paving and decking to retaining walls, paths and patios, hard landscaping features give your home form and structure. Our hard landscaping design and build services are of the highest quality workmanship, that will last the test of time. We can create an attractive patio, outdoor dining and more for your property. We offer all types of concrete or pavers and can help you choose which finish will look great with your house, workspace, commercial property or any other kind of premise. Hardscaping has become a large part of our companies portfolio and often exciting because the works involved are so unique to each project.